Buhari’s Government May Not Be Rosy For Governors

He made this comment while making
his inauguration speech.

Elsewhere relations between
Abuja and the States have to
be clarified if we are to serve
the country better.
Constitutionally there are
limits to powers of each of the
three tiers of government but
that should not mean the
Federal Government should
fold its arms and close its eyes
to what is going on in the
states and local governments.
Not least the operations of
the Local Government Joint
Account. While the Federal
Government can not interfere
in the details of its operations
it will ensure that the gross
corruption at the local level is
checked. As far as the
constitution allows me I will u
try to ensure that there is
responsible and accountable
governance at all levels of
government in the country. For
I will not have kept my own
trust with the Nigerian people
if I allow others abuse theirs
under my watch.

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