Udom Emmanuel And A Dead Accident Victim Yesterday (Photos)

The Story was narrated from 2 ends , just read below.
First Story:

a proof to his assertion that the life of every Citizen is valuable to
his administration, Akwa Ibom State Governor, Mr Udom Emmanuel, halted
his Convoy along Uyo – Nung Udoe Expressway to attain to an Accident
Victim with the Government House Medical Team. Good Leader!

Second Story:

Uyo resident blast Udom over fake PR stunt

…Berate Udom for taking photographs beside dead mad man’s corpse posing as helping an accident victim

…Victim was a Unclad mad man who died – Nung Udoe residence

…Gov’s non adherence to advise embarrassing, disgusting – Aide

outgoing Governor of Akwa Ibom State, Udom Emmanuel on Sunday incurred
the wrath of Nnug Udoe residence when he stopped his convoy on the
expressway to take pictures with the corpse of a Unclad dead man who
died on Saturday after being knocked down by a vehicle on Saturday and
ordered his press crew to post same to the media as if he was attending
to a helpless accident victim who was in desperate need of urgent
medical attention.

The Governor was alleged to be driving along
the Uyo – Nnug Udoe expressway when suddenly his first two vehicle on
the convoy narrowly missed running over the dead body of a mad man on
the highway who died on Saturday. The convoy suddenly stopped on the
orders of Udom upon seeing the dead corpse. He then directed his medical
team to attend to the corpse and create the false impression that he is
a kind, compassionate leader who is sympathetic to the plight of the
victim. His request did not go down well with officials of the
Government House Clinic who were on the entourage but due to the
pressure from the Governor, a medical doctor and a nurse whose names
could not be ascertained were seen wearing gloves and torching the
corpse while the Governor ordered his media team who were watching in
shock and disbelief from their Government House Press Bus some meters
away to hurriedly come down from the vehicle and take pictures of him
with the mad man’s corpse. The pictures were later posted but the Akwa
Ibom Government House Press Corps with a narrative that the Governor who
values the life of every citizen stopped by to attend to an accident

A residence of the area who refused to give his name
berated the Governor over the incidence saying there are more civilized
ways he should portray himself to the people, rather than on actions
that brings shame and dishonour to the office and Akwa Ibom people.

submitted that it would have been more honourable and pardonable if the
Governor had stopped to order that the dead man’s corpse be removed
from the highway by the Ministry of Environment and properly buried
since the decomposing body posed a serious health risk to both road
users and residence of the area rather than take silly photographs with
the corpse and order his media team to post same as if he was assisting
an accident victim, wondering what exactly he wants to achieve with such
dirty and false propaganda.

But an aide of the Governor who
spoke on condition of anonymity debunked the claim that the many gaffes
of the Governor is as a result of lack of professional advice from his
aides. The aide who hails from Eket senatorial district with the
Governor insists that all aides as well as security officials of the
Governor are doing their best in offering advice that ordinarily would
have saved the administration from the many embarrassing situation it
finds itself but regretted that the Governor listens to no one anymore.

lamented that though he (Udom) was previously disposed to advice from
those around him, the situation got worse since December 18,2015 when
his election was nullified by the Court of Appeal. Efforts to speak with
the Chief Pressure Secretary to the Governor on the matter was
unsuccessful. The Media Aide to the Governor on Local Media, Mr. Uko
Umoh also declined to speak when asked to comment on the matter, saying
he will not comment on it as he was not with the Governor’s convoy as at
the time of the incidence.

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