My #Olic4 experience : JcmcAyodeji Sodiq Olalekan

JcMc Ayodeji Sodiq Olalekan
When I find myself in any atmosphere, my ability to use my hark-eyes always provides me with two things: either to obtain what I will inform others or what will be of benefit to my personal life.
in any arena I find myself, I am always in another rhem to deduce some facts.
As I saw sea of heads yesterday, I looked around consciously, and the only conclusion I could arrived at, was “GOD TIME IS THE BEST”, GOD IS WONDERFUL…
If God is ready to uplift you and I, nobody can set any limit. They can’t stop you than to embrace you and if they refuse, HE will find possible means to force you on them or disgrace anyone who reluctant about your status.
How old is Olamide, when did he started, is he not that same guy I used to know?… Its all STORIES!
Forget the lyrics in his rap, God has destined him to be a supper star.
#Olic concert has come to stay!
Imagine when a state government can recognize somebody like olamide and permitted to stage a concert at the National Stadium, it may not be a big deal to you, but to someone like me and anyone that can factually reason along without any bias mind, would called it a landmark achievement.
He shutdown the Tesilim Balogun Stadium. I congratulate Baba Milly for his relentless efforts in changing the face of entertainment.
If you too want to fulfil destiny in life, keep trusting God and keep your hustle real!

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